Bill Cosby Judge Had it Out for Key Defense Witness … So Let Me Out of Prison


Bill Cosby has just filed legal docs railing on the trial judge in his sexual assault case for not giving him bail pending appeal, and claims the judge had a personal vendetta against a key defense witness.

Cosby’s lawyers claim Judge Steven O’Neill was brutal toward Bruce Castor, the former District Attorney who investigated the case back in 2005. Cosby claims Castor gave him assurances when he was D.A. that he would not be prosecuted in the Andrea Constand case if he provided a sworn deposition in her civil case against him.

Cosby’s lawyers just submitted a sworn statement by Castor, who claims he was treated with “tremendous animosity from Judge O’Neill toward me from the moment that I took the stand.”

As for the animosity, Castor said in his declaration he ran against O’Neill for the Republican nomination for D.A. in 1998 and it got super dirty. Castor says O’Neill became incensed after a story came out that O’Neill had an extramarital affair and O’Neill felt Castor was behind it. Castor won the nom.

During Cosby’s trial, Castor

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