Billboard campaign shows Republican disgust for Donald Trump in Florida

It’s one thing to go quietly into a voting booth and vote for someone in another party. It’s another to have your face plastered on a billboard declaring your intentions in your home state.

A $2 million billboard campaign just launched in Florida courtesy of Republican Voters Against Trump doing just that.

It’s an expansion of digital billboards already on display in swing states Pennsylvania, Arizona and North Carolina. It’s all part of a $20 million national advertising campaign. Testimonials come from Republicans, former Republicans and former Donald Trump supporters now ready for a change.

Roadside images will include some Florida Republicans and conservatives with the names and faces in car-sized fonts, making clear they intend to vote for Joe Biden for President.

“I’m a Republican. I’m a Marine Veteran. I’m voting Biden,” reads one billboard featuring Ron from Sarasota.

“I’m a Conservative. I’m an Army Veteran. I’m voting Biden,” reads one from Robert in Lake Worth.

“I’m a Republican. I’m a Christian. I’m voting Biden,” reads another showing Richard from DeLand.

While the billboards notably leave off last names and information that could lead to harassment for the voters providing testimonials, photographs ensure these men

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