Blake Dowling: 2022 is in full swing — so are cybercriminals

Usually, cyber threats come in via email, text or phone. We’ve all seen and heard them.

Instances of “click here to verify your info,” “have you seen these pix from last night?” or “please provide your credentials to us” have been coming for years from hackers; people are starting to get pretty good at recognizing these threats.

There is one method of hacking that we have not seen in a while and is making a comeback.

All this month, the FBI is warning about a hack that involves a USB drive loaded with malware.

Like the situation in Florida a couple of years ago with alleged Chinese spy Yujing Zhang, who was caught with several electronic devices including a USB drive. She was caught and apprehended trying to sneak into Mar-a-Lago while then President Donald Trump was visiting. She claimed she was a tourist, which is unlikely, but either way, she is now deported. Did she have a drive she was trying to pass off and get someone to plug in? It would certainly appear so since it appears that one Secret Service agent was actually duped.

You would think this kind of thing would be easy to prevent and spot

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