Blake Dowling: Air taxis promise a lift to the skies — maybe

At one point over the weekend, I usually send an email to myself on the subject of my next column for the upcoming week.

Sometimes, I send notes on an idea, an outline or the people in Florida I want to check in with, hopefully balancing some valuable tech or other information with a hint (a very small amount) of wit.

This week’s Blake to Blake email said: “XMAS GIFT column.”

Hmmm, pass. It’s too soon; it’s still 90 degrees outside. So, no collaboration with Santa just yet, readers.

Instead, we will talk about innovation in Florida, fresh tech coming at you — Jetsons’ style.

That’s right ladies and gents, this is your read on flying taxis. And it’s about time. Again.

I first wrote about flying taxis in 2017, when Uber Elevate said at that time, they might be providing demos by this year. You can read up on that here; let’s check in with them before we get started. Are they on target?

They certainly have a slick website, but I do not see any mention of demos in action. You might say they aren’t getting off the ground with the effort just

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