Blake Dowling: Go team! Set some goals and go virtual for 2021

2021 is here.

Feels pretty much like 2020.

Congrats on pivoting (the 2020 word of the year) to the finish line; now it’s time to start your engines and do it all over again.

Regardless of last year’s vibe (or this one’s), our management team gathers every January on a Saturday at the coast to lay out some goals for the year.

We review last year (that should be interesting this time around), budgets, some team building (jet ski races/sand-castle building competitions) and set goals.

Then, of course, the Saturday closer — steaks and beer.

The Aegis management team prepares for strategic planning with a high-level meeting at Madison Social/Tally.

Last week, the year certainly started out of the gate lighting fast, with our first few events already lined up.

Next week our “Virtual Lunch and Learn” series kicks off; the topic is on-point as our virtual event is all about “virtual events.”

The event will show people what is needed to host meetings online, especially when they need something more than a standard Zoom call. In years past, we had around 20 guests

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