Blake Dowling: Internet barriers and aircraft carriers

Quiz time!

Can you guess how many aircraft carriers the U.S. Navy has? The answer: 11.

Some have been in service since the 70s. One just launched in 2017 — The USS Gerald R Ford — and it is a beast of a ship.

Another carrier doesn’t even live in the U.S.; that’s the USS Ronald Reagan, it’s based in Japan.

There used to be one in Florida, the USS John F Kennedy, but it was decommissioned in 2007.

Speaking of which, they are having a tough time with that decommission effort, as the Kennedy was nuclear powered. Where does one put old nuclear-powered, very large boat engines?

That is a serious thing to contend with (and I’m glad that chore is not on my to-do list for today).

Returning to carriers; other countries around the world have one (maybe two) max.

Italy has two, while most major powers have one. Even China and Russia have just a single carrier each.

This makes the U.S. the superior navy on the Earth’s oceans, able to bring a world of hurt — or aid — to your doorstep quickly (if there’s an ocean nearby).

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