I have a radical idea. Make marijuana illegal everywhere.

For those that will see no ill effects plenty will see negative effects if marijuana is made recreationally legal in Florida one day. 10-year minimums and things of that nature need to go away for weed crimes, but the inconvenient truth to all this hippie hoppie “legalize it” nonsense in our country is the fact that pot is a gateway drug.

I had three people close to me die in 2018 from situations caused by former or current drug habits. Guess what the first drug they did was when they were younger? It wasn’t Crack.

As for most young Floridians that I saw back in the day, from afar, they were not heading to the beach with a case of Milwaukee’s Best and a big fat rock of crack. Well, unless your Charlie Sheen, but beach days with Charles not included.

For the aforementioned, it usually was beer and weed for some young people, some move on, some advanced into worse behaviors. Some became stoned vegetables their entire lives. Either way, neuroscience says that chronic exposure to “chronic” impairs our ability to see value or importance in life. It makes you

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