Blake Dowling: Mask up, wash your hands — and clean your cellphone

The rules of 2020 are getting to be the norm.

Handwashing at Beast Mode Level, wearing masks, going for an evening run while dodging cars and hurdling tree limbs to get as far away as possible from your fellow humans.

When you see your best friend, you fist bump.

This is the way it is.

Max hygiene — with one big exception, which I bet most of you forget: The Mobile Device.

There are stats (gross stats) that say, if not cleaned regularly, cellphones have more E. coli than toilet seats.

How is this possible?

Phones are warm; bacteria thrive there. Phones go everywhere with us now. They are dirtier than doorknobs and cat food bowls, too. Thank you, Jack, for this vile (yet intriguing) blog.

I once had a sales team member who constantly applied hand sanitizer. In fact, you would shake his hand, he would immediately lather the stuff on.

Like, really, are my hands that gross to you?

Nevertheless, it was his groove; his comfort level was in normal gear only when heavily sanitized.

Now that we have all become this person, why are we not cleaning

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