Blake Dowling: My Israel adventure — Florida thinks globally

Recently, Gov. Ron DeSantis took a delegation to Israel. I followed the trip with great interest as I made a similar journey once; it was one of the most profound trips of my personal and professional career.

Thank you to A.G Gancarski for the coverage.

About 10 years ago, our company signed a deal with an Israeli firm to sell its security appliances here in the States. The first few orders went fast, so they invited me over to a tech summit to learn more about its solutions, its team, and their country.

Our tour started in the resort town of Elijat.

We heard from solution providers from all over the world and went through epic amounts of security at the airport. They said I looked Egyptian (not a compliment, I guess).

The security questions they went through were straight out a Dan Silva spy novel. (if you haven’t before, read one. Fabulous. Thanks to Sally Bradshaw and Midtown Reader for the intro).

“You said you had 22 employees” … “No, I said 15” … “You said you have traveled to Pakistan before?” … “No, I have not” … and so on.

We got into

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