Blake Dowling: The next big leap in quantum computing

A couple of weeks back, I spent time with some friends before the Florida-South Carolina football game and happened to mention I just finished a book on quantum computing.

There was silence.

Hanging around with this crowd for 25 years (or so), it was certainly not my normal pregame chatter/beverages comment.

Clarifying my point, I said it was a fictional spy novel based on the hunt for quantum dominance between the world’s superpowers. That brought some funny looks. Can a person not be a science geek from time to time?

Anyway, it’s a fascinating topic and while I am grossly unqualified on the subject; we will dive in.

First, if you need a good spy novel, check out “The Quantum Spy.”

Next, there was significant news out of Tallahassee this fall on quantum computing.

A few weeks ago, Nature Physics published a paper detailing the possible discovery of a quantum spin liquid while studying “electron spins” in the compound ruthenium trichloride.

It’s a state of matter that could be an ideal building block for the next generation of quantum computers.

This work was done at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at the Florida State

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