Blake Dowling: The strange, powerful marriage of politics and music


It’s a very personal choice, as far as what you like (just like politics).

In carpool — age 12ish — my friend Alexzander Harrell (now a successful chef in New Orleans; wassup Alex), put on a Europe tape for the group — you know, the “Final Countdown” band.

I promptly declared: “Europe sucks.”

Mom stopped the car and said: “Never make fun of someone’s musical taste.”

Good lesson, we could all use a little more of Mom’s advice as we as a nation seem to have a hard time respecting anyone’s opinion that differs from our own.

Last night, I was listening to a guy on Instagram I knew in Atlanta talk about his first concert, Kiss, and the local record store in Cartersville, Georgia, where as a kid he discovered Van Halen I and many other gems.

The post was a tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen (and thank you, Butch Walker — former Atlanta rocker and friend now a Hollywood super-producer). Eddie was different, he was a movement, he was a guitar god.

Would love to say I got on the VH train at the beginning, but I didn’t catch

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