DELTONA, Fla. – Three people were injured Thursday when a squirrel attacked people at a senior living center in Deltona, Florida.

“It’s jumping on people and biting them and scratching them, so we need help,” a 911 caller said regarding the incident at the Sterling Court Gracious Retirement Living.

Two residents and a staff member suffered serious squirrel bites.

A woman sitting outside was bitten on her leg and immediately ran inside the center for help.

As people attempted to provide first aid to the woman, the squirrel continued its attack indoors.

“It’s in our activity room, and it’s jumping on people and biting them and scratching them,” the 911 caller said. “It’s still in there, and people are bleeding.”

Shortly after the incident, the squirrel was caught and released outside.

The three injured people were released from a hospital later that evening.

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