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WORCESTER, Mass. — Bob Cousy figures he’s running out of time. The brilliant Hall of Fame point guard, who was so deft and creative with the basketball that he was nicknamed Houdini of the Hardwood, is 90 years old. He walks with a cane, and, he tells ESPN, he expects it won’t be long until he needs a wheelchair.

The reflective Cousy is the centerpiece “The Last Pass,” of a new book by Gary Pomerantz that chronicles Cousy’s journey toward racial self-discovery and his attempts to make amends with Hall of Fame teammate Bill Russell for not being more supportive during the racially charged ’60s.

Cousy recently sat down with ESPN to discuss “The Last Pass” and his complicated relationship with Russell.

This transcript has been edited for clarity and length.

JACKIE MACMULLAN: In the wonderful new book, “The Last Pass,” you are very candid regarding your regrets over your relationship with your longtime teammate Bill Russell. What prompted this reflection?

BOB COUSY: Just getting old, I guess. That’s what we do. We blank out all the negative stuff and focus on the positive. During my years with Russ, during the glory years, I was focusing,

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