Terrorist Attacks Bombs Sent to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton … Trump Denounces Acts

Exclusive Details

11:30 AM PT — President Trump and Melania Trump just addressed the bombs sent to the Clintons, Obamas and others … with Melania speaking first and condemning what she called “cowardly” attacks. Trump came to the podium next and issued an unequivocal denunciation over the bombs, saying … “Acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States.” He got a standing O for his remark. 

10:12 AM PT — NYPD and other authorities just held a news conference to discuss the device found at the Time Warner Center. Officials say a white powdery substance was also found in the package there.

They say all of the devices — at CNN, the Obamas and the Clintons — appear to be pipe bombs. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo said a potential explosive device arrived at his office, and police took care of it. However, our law enforcement sources tell us the device turned out to be a harmless flash drive.

A device was also sent to former Attorney General Eric Holder, who’s expected to run for Prez in

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