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Dr Scott Jaffe

10915 Bonita Beach Rd SE
Suite 1122
Bonita Springs FL, 34135

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Mon – Thurs 9 – 5
Fri 9 – 6

About Dr Scott Jaffe In Bonita Springs

Dr Jaffe at Gulf Coast Certified Primary Care is helping Florida patients get certified for medical marijuana.

Treatings his patients as though they are family, Dr Jaffe provides all patients with the individual care and attention they deserve.

Dr Jaffe appreciates being entrusted with your most precious commodity… your health. He promises to provide you with the best care he can provide.

To get started simply fill out the patient registration form and his office will contact you promptly, or call 239.498.5760.

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What People Are Saying

19:28 10 Jan 22
Important Update!I have now been a patient here for around 6 years.I’m adding this update because I’m kind of offended by some of these extremely rude reviews people have posted about this practice. As someone who has seen both Dr Jaffe and Mrs Jaffe every month for 4 years straight before the pandemic and then bi-monthly since; my words are credible.These two have never treated me any less than respectful. Always polite, helpful and non judgmental. With 6 years of not a single blemish on my track record with them, I recently had an incident where some of my medication was missing. I reached out to Dr Jaffe. He was understanding, and explained what actions I needed to take to get the situation resolved. There was no judgment on me or treating me differently because of the type of situation.The Jaffe’s are great people! Don’t believe the negative nonsense in some of these other reviews. If you are respectful and do what is expected of you as a patient, you will be treated the same way.———————I have always enjoyed being a patient here. My job got moved to South Carolina over a year ago and I make a trip back each month for my appointment because I trust the Jaffe’s and they always treat me very well.read more
A Google User
A Google U.
17:06 07 Nov 21
Longtime patient. Nothing but positive things to say about dr Jaffe. He saved my life they have always been courteous and accommodating. I’m not sure why some people have left bad reviews, ive had nothing but good experiencesread more
candace griffith
candace G.
15:46 27 Oct 21
I had my first appointment the other day and I was very impressed. I will continue to go here
Joseph Golanz
Joseph G.
01:26 10 Oct 21
I’m grateful for dr Jaffe and his professionalism. Very kind and understanding. Willing to work with me
taylor harden
taylor H.
17:30 15 Sep 21
Excellent staff. Made me feel very comfortable.
Tomas Ekeler
Tomas E.
15:23 12 Aug 21
I have been going here for a long time and I am very pleased of the high quality service I receive.
Rick Sanchez
Rick S.
15:22 12 Aug 21
Dr Jaffe is an excellent physician. The front desk is also very kind and warm.
A Google User
A Google U.
13:21 13 Jul 21
Fantastic doctor who takes good care of his patients. I’ve been going for a long time and I appreciate the high quality care I receive.read more
A Google User
A Google U.
22:41 09 Jul 21
Great physician who treats me with care and professionalism. I am very grateful for Dr Jaffe.
Steve Cox
Steve C.
19:55 05 Jul 21
Dr Jaffe is a "by the book" doctor. Effective treatment.
Quentin Richards
Quentin R.
14:59 13 Jun 21
I love Dr Jaffe and I feel he is a fantastic physician.
Rita Powell
Rita P.
00:05 11 Jun 21
Beautiful office with incredible staff and the doctor seems very knowledgeable.
Michael Johnson
Michael J.
15:05 08 Jun 21
Highly recommend Dr. Scott Jaffe. Been going to him for some time now and he always treats me with respect. I would never recommend being late because they will have to reschedule you which is understandable but if you show up on time and are seen by them you will definitely be pleased with your experience.read more
Kenneth F.
Kenneth F.
18:25 08 Dec 20
My first visit... 👍 Awesome Dr. Jaffe ! Thanks for your immediate help! I highly appreciate and recommend you go to this DR ! He quickly assesses your problem and makes sure you understand what he is prescribing. Very thorough and professional.Honestly the most clean and efficient doctors visit I ever have had in my life! He and his Lovely wife make a Great Team! Really, Visit here, You will get , Quality People, Quality Service! Outstanding! A True Gem of a Medical Service for the People... 🇺🇸read more
Kaitlyn Montgomery
Kaitlyn M.
18:23 05 Dec 20
I have always had a pleasant experience with Dr Jaffe, he is an excellent healthcare provider!
Evan Borsa
Evan B.
18:59 21 Nov 20
Ive been a patient for awhile and I have only positive things to say about Dr. Jaffe. He gets me in right away and provides exceptional care.read more
Ryan Camersoj
Ryan C.
16:37 11 Oct 20
Dr Jaffe is a great physician who I am greatful
Renee Shepheard
Renee S.
14:53 02 Oct 20
I have been going to this office for a year now and couldnt ask for a better experience. They are so kind to me and the Doctor is so accommodating. If you are looking for a place that will treat you with kindness and ease look no further. I highly recommend.read more
Thomas Jacksfield
Thomas J.
16:03 03 Sep 20
Im a long time patient very satisfied with the care I have receievd
Katy Whittman
Katy W.
16:07 25 Aug 20
Amazing physician
Ryans Bakerfield
Ryans B.
16:06 25 Aug 20
Dr Jaffe is an amazing physician
Mike Hawk
Mike H.
20:40 22 Aug 20
I really enjoy Dr Jaffe as he is a very smart man who also has a good personality.
Cameron Johnsberg
Cameron J.
14:38 16 Aug 20
Thank you Dr Jaffe for your amazing healthcare service.
Trevor Stoeyfield
Trevor S.
00:09 08 Aug 20
I am a long time patient of Doctor Jaffe's and I am delighted by the medical service that he has provided me.
Morgan Steele
Morgan S.
15:13 03 Aug 20
I’ve come here for the last few months and it’s been super easy. They’re always over accommodating! Which is great as I’m a single mother of a 5 year old and a 5 month old. So it’s hard to schedule. Yet they always manage to get me in quick and easily. It’s a very clean office, with great staff! The secretary is so nice! And the doctor is too! My last appointment they sent over my prescription and the pharmacy messed it up. They took over and will be changing the pharmacy next time to make it easier. I’ll come to this office as long as I live in Florida and take the medication I do! Also they’re best priced in town! Seriously!read more
Cory Laird
Cory L.
18:27 31 Jul 20
I called Dr Jeffe today to renew my medical marijuana card. He's a great doctor, he really cares about all his patients. He asks some important questions. I'm all set now for another 6months. 5stars .read more
Cleos Pathways
Cleos P.
22:15 25 Jul 20
Very professional physician. I traveled a bit to see him since my friend told me he was good. He vastly exceeded my expectations.read more
Craig Jones
Craig J.
18:06 21 Jul 20
Dr Jaffe is a great physician and I’m thankful for all that he does for me.
tabitha smith
tabitha S.
15:32 21 Jul 20
Such an amazing office! They are so helpful and Dr. Jaffe is very understanding and also very knowledgeable! I reccomend to anyone for sobriety or medical marijuana!read more
Gainshew Martinez
Gainshew M.
19:33 17 Jul 20
Dr Jaffe is an amazing physician. I appreciate the effort that he takes with me.
Tracy Jordan
Tracy J.
21:41 29 Jun 20
Thank you to Dr Jaffe for helping me out and being very knowledgeable and helpful in his field of medicine.
Clark Tryideau
Clark T.
19:09 28 Jun 20
Thank you to Dr Jaffe for helping me. Very professional and an expert in his field of medicine.
Gregoraz Salamabthierg
Gregoraz S.
20:56 27 Jun 20
Best Marijuna doc in town! Medical Marijuana is so good in all it’s benefits and I love that dr jaffe prescribes it and understands just how much of a lifesaver medical marijuana isread more
Clarke Jackels
Clarke J.
15:24 27 Jun 20
Dr Jaffe is hands down the best Dr. to go to if you are struggling with addiction or want to experience the amazing benefits of medical cannabis. What I like about him is that he is very smart and I have been using him as my dr for medical marijuana for a couple years and the benefits are amazing! Thank you Dr Jaffe and I will send all my clients to you!read more
Samuel Goldstein
Samuel G.
13:31 24 Jun 20
Dr Jaffe is a great doctor and I’m lucky to have him.
Charles Goldstein
Charles G.
20:30 22 Jun 20
I am a frequent patient of Dr. Jaffes and everytime I see him my day feels a little better. He is a nice man who really knows what he is doing and does his best to make sure that all his patients are on the right path to recovery. Of course I can't guarantee that by going to see him you will be 100% likely to be cured, as no doctor can help you overcome addiction 100% of the time, but in my opinion he is the best man for the job and you are most likely to beat addiction by seeing him and following his advice.read more
Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan F.
20:26 22 Jun 20
Amazing physican who takes the time to interact with patients in a positve way. Does a good job of caring about all of his patients and taking the time to encourage them so succeed.read more
doug cathylson
doug C.
21:32 18 Jun 20
Thank you Dr. Jaffe for helping me with my addiction problems. I am very humbled and happy to have you in my corner.
Josh Pederson
Josh P.
21:12 18 Jun 20
Grateful for the great medical care provided by Dr. Jaffe. His wife is very pleasant and makes it easy to schedule appointments. They treat me like family.read more
Daniah Penterson
Daniah P.
18:40 16 Mar 20
Will highly recommend Dr. Jaffe to anyone who needs medical care. I personally am a medical marijuana patient and it has worked wonders for me compared to pain pills. Dr Jaffe explained to me in detail everything about medical cannabis and helped me formulate a unique combination that has served me so well. THANK YOU!read more
Ryan Johnson
Ryan J.
18:04 16 Mar 20
I have been addicted to opioids for a very long time and I was losing control of my life. Dr. Jaffe is nonjudgemental and is helping me on the road to recovery. It is a long process but the best decision I made was to see him. He holds you accountable and is kind at the same time.read more
Shawn Macdonald
Shawn M.
18:02 16 Mar 20
Let me first say that Dr. Scott Jaffe is a great physician and I plan to be a patient for as long as I need medical help. Thank you to him and his wife for providing me with top notch medical care.read more
George Roberts
George R.
23:18 14 Mar 20
I am a patient who is very grateful for Dr Jaffe and his excellent medical care. He takes the time to get to know you and he is a very humble man, he is not condescending or rude or makes you feel in a rush like some other doctors I’ve seen in the past. Would recommend him to anyone he has helped me through tough times and I am eternally grateful.read more
Robert J Beihoff
Robert J B.
23:16 07 Feb 20
The kindness in this office is infectious. I'd recommend anyone to meet with Dr Jaffe. He listens instead of pretending to hear. He's non-judgmental and unlike some Doctors I have dealt with in the past, he leaves his ego outside of the office door.read more
Rogyesh Ashlam
Rogyesh A.
21:32 03 Feb 20
Dr Jaffe is a Dr. who I can trust and have been going to for a long time. World class and helps me and my family out. Will recommend to anyoneread more
Nicole Carter
Nicole C.
14:22 31 Jan 20
Wonderful experience. Will recommend to everyone. Takes the time to listen to patients and is passionate about the work he does.read more
Lisa Mcgowan
Lisa M.
14:24 28 Jan 20
I was made to feel very comfortable. They cared about my well being. Thank you
Chloe Bennett
Chloe B.
17:07 22 Jan 20
Best addiction specialist in town and always sees me on time and it’s such a blessing that there’s no hassle with insurance. Very reasonable prices and I love it.read more
Farah Alvarez
Farah A.
23:41 21 Jan 20
The best doctor to help with opioid addiction and medical marijuana. Truly a great addiction specialist and an expert in the fieldread more
brett allen
brett A.
11:42 14 Jan 20
Most welcoming professionals ive ever been around. I was in a hurry and they cared and helped make it quick
Sardor Razz
Sardor R.
14:35 22 Nov 19
Dr Jaffe and his wife are the Best. They really care like they would for one of their family members. Thank you for everything. Will recommend to anyone!read more
Afflicted YouTube
Afflicted Y.
16:06 19 Nov 19
Friendly, courteous, and convenient. Very non judgemental and helpful staff. Never had a negative experience. This medication saved my life and this establishment has made my transition back to normal society very easy I'm very happy. I would recommend doctor Jaffe to anyone who's suffering from addiction and needs help 👻read more
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