Breakout stars, dramatic moments and key themes: What we've learned so far this MLB postseason

8:00 AM ET

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Everybody came into this postseason expecting the unexpected, considering how many unusual features were built into the Major League Baseball postseason, tailored for the unique circumstances of the 2020 season. Just for starters, we faced an expanded field of teams, a wild-card series instead of an elimination play-in game and the potential impact of no days off between games within the first two rounds.

All of that was planned on paper, and now the first two rounds are complete. What can we take away from this year’s postseason so far, and what does it mean for the finals two rounds before baseball crowns a new champion? We asked MLB columnists Bradford Doolittle, Sam Miller and David Schoenfield for their evaluations of what we’ve learned from this year’s expanded postseason.

What is the one theme that stands out to you across series this postseason?

Doolittle: It’s probably the reliance on home runs for whatever scoring has occurred, but I think as teams get better, the numbers should become a little less extreme. Things have gotten so skewed that it makes you wonder about the chicken-and-egg aspect of it. How much of it

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