Brew Review – Cash Cow by Daft Cow

Think of every single location you could have ever thought of to put a brewery.

None of those are where Daft Cow is located.

It’s in Alachua, north of Gainesville but still a part of Alachua County and the Sippin’ Seven Ale Trail in that county.

But instead of an industrial park or strip mall or something similar, it’s in an office park that looks a lot like an outdoor outlet mall.

Actually, San Felasco Tech City is even bigger than that. Centered around a growing central spine of light manufacturing, labs, office space, and more, it’s also surrounded by housing, child care, and other services to make a livable community. You’ll know you’re not in traditional Alachua space when you see the giant red metal trees with solar panels for leaves outside.

If you’ve been to Orlando, you have probably seen outlet malls that look like this. Buildings on the sides, with a tenuous wisp of a roof above that will just barely contain the rain from getting on your head, but you are still definitely

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