Brew Review – Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale by Bold City Brewing @boldcitybrewing

Three cheers for the brown ale!That once workhorse of the Craft Beer community has been put out to pasture in recent years, left aside for pushing the boundaries of how many hops and how funky your yeast can be to get its highest possible score on whatever beer rating app you’re looking at.And while that is fun to a point, there comes a time when you need to get back to basics. That’s one of the things that amazes me about Bold City Brewing in Jacksonville. To be sure, they have their IPA. Their other two standard year-round releases, that you can find almost all over the state, are relatively unassuming workhorse styles that don’t have the greatest reputations.This isn’t because the styles are bad, but because it’s not the hip new thing to drink. And of those beers, easily half of their output is their signature Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale (Brown Ale, 5% ABV, 60 IBU).I’ve written about Duke’s before, and it is always worth every visit to this tried-and-true brew. Named for the late dog of Bold City’s owners, Duke’s is now found in 12 oz regular cans and the increasingly popular 16 oz tall boys around

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