Brew Review – Proboscis Braggot by First Magnitude

A few years ago, I was super excited to hear about, and super bummed to have missed, Frosted Elfin.

It’s a hazy IPA that is made in Gainesville by First Magnitude in collaboration with the utterly incredible Florida Museum of Natural History.

Long story short, they harvested yeast from the wings of a super rare butterfly, the details of which I will go into when it comes time to review that beer.

As you may have guessed, not only is Frosted Elfin back, but it was part of a lineup of beers First Magnitude lovingly and amusingly referred to as Pollinatorpalooza 2023.

Each one of these beers has some sort of connection with the local environment, and all were made in collaboration with the Florida Museum.

On the day of my visit, three of these beers were in cans and on draft, but one of them, Proboscis Braggot (Braggot, 7.7% ABV), was draft only.

Not being sure as to when I was going back to Gainesville, I had to jump on it.

This is a

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