Brew Review – Strawberry Shakedown by Crooked Thumb

Funny enough, my absolute panic and concern for this beer did not start until the moment I went to open a can.

I was a little afraid that maybe I had gotten myself into a thick and crunchy dessert smoothie sour. That being said, I’m not totally sure that Safety Harbor-based Crooked Thumb ever made beers like that.

That’s not saying that this can of Strawberry Shakedown (Sour, 5% ABV) couldn’t be that way.

As it is, they mentioned vanilla and lactose, along with the obvious strawberry, right on the label.

Interestingly, those weren’t in the aroma a lot. I got a strawberry explosion, that was to be expected. And it wasn’t just the tartness that a good, proper, fresh strawberry has, but also some good old lactobacillus lemon that zings from the can.

Pouring it, I was expecting pink sludge, the calling card of the smoothie sour. What I got was an opaque, slightly deep yellow color with maybe a slight hit of red if you get all the way to the bottom of the can.

We don’t

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