Brian Austin Green Explains Why His Masked Singer Elimination Was a “Relief”

Brian continued, “I’m not claustrophobic normally, but it was very restrictive. I remember in wardrobe fittings—because it’s a really elaborate thing—you have an under-outfit that’s just for if you’re sweating. So it soaks up the sweat, and then you have the costume over it. It was a whole intricate thing.”

Of course, he’s still grateful for this time on the series.

“It was nice that I accomplished what I accomplished on the show, but at the point when they were like, ‘Aww, Giraffe, you’re going home,’ I was like, ‘Whew,'” Brian told Justin. “I think two songs were enough!”

“It kind of became like checking off the bucket list,” he added. “You go, ‘Good, I did that.’ I went skydiving. I did The Masked Singer. I just have to do cage diving with great white sharks and I’m good.”

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