Brie Bella's Son Buddy Sees Snow for the First Time & His Reaction Is Priceless

Inside Nikki & Brie Bella’s Biggest Year Yet

Brie Bella just unveiled what might be the most adorable photo of Buddy Danielson yet.

The Total Bellas star took to Instagram Stories on Monday, Jan. 4 to share numerous photos of her and her husband Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson)’s 5-month-old son, but there was one snapshot in particular that stood out from the rest. 

Why, you ask? Because in said picture, Brie managed to capture one of Buddy’s “firsts.”  

More specifically, he can be seen witnessing snow for the first time ever—and alongside the picturesque Lake Tahoe, nonetheless! It would be a surreal sight for any kid, but especially one born in Arizona and growing up in California’s sunny Napa Valley.

Buddy was clearly in awe, staring at the winter wonderland surrounding him wide-eyed and agape. “I know the feeling Bud,” Brie wrote on the snap, which is made even sweeter when you realize how much Buddy resembles his big sis, Birdie Danielson

Brie shared photos of 3-year-old Birdie enjoying the colder temperatures, too: one that put her pink unicorn snow boots and Frozen-themed hat on display, and another of her and Bryan on a sled.

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