Brown: Hopefully burned feet are 'born again'

12:07 AM ET

NAPA, Calif. — Oakland Raiders receiver Antonio Brown offered the most detailed — and graphic — description of his frostbitten feet yet.

It was on Tuesday night’s episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” when Brown took off his socks and shoes — “Wanna see it?” he teased the camera — to show the peeling soles of his feet.

“My feet are pretty much getting circumcised, right?” he said in the interview, which took place away from the Raiders’ training camp facility. “Hopefully, my feet are born again and I frickin’ can run faster. Feel sorry for me later. Thank you.”

And while it has been established that Brown suffered the burn while vacationing in Paris in July, the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver confirmed earlier reports that it was the result of a cryotherapy mishap.

“I was trying cold therapy, they were covering my body and I got out and I felt my foot burning,” he said. “So I was like, man, I felt a hot sensation. So, the next 24 hours it swelled up, got really big, and I couldn’t really walk or put pressure. The doctor came over, drained a little out. Scalpel the

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