Bush v. Gore no more? Ron DeSantis says Florida might have vanquished the ghost

Twenty years after the 2000 presidential race hinged on Florida’s mismanaged election, Gov. Ron DeSantis thinks the state is on a redemption arc to clean and model elections.

“Perhaps 2020 was the year we finally vanquished the ghost of Bush versus Gore,” DeSantis told reporters about 12 hours after networks called the state for President Donald Trump.

All eyes are on Florida again, not because of election chaos, but because of the smooth and transparent machinery in the state’s electoral process, the Governor argued. Elections in the Sunshine State now inspires confidence among its residents, he added.

“If the third most populous state in the country can count 11 million votes, produce a result across the board, why can’t some of these other states that are much smaller?” DeSantis asked.

But battleground Florida wasn’t the decisive state this year as it was for former President George Bush, going for Trump by a 3.4-point margin, a blowout by Florida standards. Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia are all toss ups to some degree, with major news stations not calling those states for Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden.

Part of ironing out the process was accepting

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