Byron Donalds staffs up in Washington and Southwest Florida offices

Rep. Byron Donalds announced hires for his new offices in Washington and in his Southwest Florida offices. The personnel moves were released days after the Naples Republican was sworn in to his first term in Congress.

“Since being elected the next Congressman of Florida’s 19th Congressional District, I have worked tirelessly to establish a staff dedicated to my steadfast commitment to serving my constituents with honor and distinction,” Donalds said. “I am confident this diverse and talented group of professionals will follow in my promise to ensure our governments remains of, by, and for the people.”

The roster of hires means a number of new faces will serve Southwest Florida constituents, but most bring experience in Florida or on the Hill.

In the Capitol, Tyler Haymore will serve as Donalds’ chief of staff. He previously held the same position in North Carolina Republican Rep. Ted Budd’s office.

Adam Farris will serve as Donalds’ legislative director. He previously worked in the State Department as a deputy assistant secretary and as Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford’s foreign policy advisor. He earned a master’s degree from the United States War College.

Alexandria Smith, former deputy legislative assistant for

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