Cam's one regret: No offseason to learn system

7:27 PM ET

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton reflected on his challenging 2020 season in a lengthy, passionate videoconference Thursday that had the feel of an exit interview in which he was saying goodbye.

“My only regret was I wish I had more time to dissect what I was actually getting in to,” Newton said when asked if there was anything he could have done differently to contribute to more personal success.

“I’ve been in this league long enough to kind of always downplay, like, ‘Man, we don’t need preseason. We don’t need OTAs. We’re ready to go.’ Yeah, maybe if I was still in the system I came from. But learning this system, you just need more time, you need more real reps to kind of go through because there’s only but so much you can kind of make up.

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“You could put the eyelashes on. You could do your eyebrows. You could put your lipstick on. The mascara and the lip liner. But sooner or later, it’s going to rain and the real true you will show. And unfortunately it showed — not necessarily in ways that I wanted to.”

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