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Martha’s Vineyard is on the verge of a cannabis shortage that could leave its over 230 registered medical users and thousands of recreational users without access. Geoff Rose, owner of the Island Time dispensary, was forced to close three weeks ago after exhausting all stock. The island’s only other dispensary, run by Fine Fettle, is projected to deplete its inventory by September.

Transportation Rules Spark Cannabis Lawsuit

The crisis stems from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission’s (CCC) stance on transporting cannabis over water. Despite Massachusetts’ adult-use legalization in 2016 and the existence of available routes within state waters, the CCC maintains that transporting cannabis by boat or plane violates federal law. This stance led Rose to file a lawsuit against the CCC, urging the regulatory agency for an urgent solution. The commission, now prioritizing the issue, sent three of its five members to the island last Thursday to gather residents’ feedback, reported the Associated Press.

For years, Martha’s Vineyard dispensaries grew their own cannabis, avoiding transportation issues. However, Fine Fettle, the island’s sole commercial producer, plans to stop operations due to rising costs and market competition from the mainland. This has left dispensary owners and users in a difficult position, grappling with federal

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