Caris LeVert, Dillon Brooks among high usage non-PGs to consider

Caris LeVert and Dillon Brooks aren’t point guards, but each controls the ball for a high amount of possessions. 

2:03 PM ET

I warned you about Myles Turner.

In my Bold Prediction for this season, I told you that Turner was custom-built for’s new points-based system. That Turner would be a top-30 player. And that he would outperform Rudy Gobert and Bam Adebayo.

Seven games in, I think we can go ahead and call it: I am always absolutely right.

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After crunching all the numbers this preseason, and filtering them through the new valuation system, I realized three groupings of players in particular gained disproportionate value: 1) small forwards, 2) bigs that combined blocks, steals and three 3) high-usage, low turnover non-point guards.

Turner is the personification of Group 2.

Why specifically had Turner stood out as a Bold Prediction? Because not only was his game ready-made for the system, but it seemed like Fantasyland had decided to spend all their draft capital on the other atypical producer in Indiana’s frontcourt: Domantas Sabonis.

Sabonis is a fine points-system player. But he was going right about where he should in most drafts. And Turner wasn’t.

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