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Cassville Dispensary, a patients-over-profits model medical cannabis dispensary in southwest Missouri, gave out over $34,000 in discounts to patients in need in 2020. The dispensary provides relief to low-income patients, veterans, senior citizens, terminally ill, and special circumstance patients through a variety of programs to help make their cannabis medicine affordable.

Dr. Lisa Roark, MD, owner and medical director of Cassville Dispensary, said, “My dream was to open a medical cannabis dispensary that would take care of patients over everything else. This shows the hard work and dedication of all of our staff at the dispensary and how much we care about our patients. I’m incredibly proud of the work we are doing.”

Cassville Dispensary

Cassville Dispensary was one of the first medical cannabis dispensaries open in the state of Missouri. The dispensary opened to the public on September 28 and began carrying cannabis THC products on October 29.

Cassville Dispensary General Manager Charlea Estes-Jones said, “With only being open with cannabis products beginning October 29, we are incredibly proud of the discounts we’ve been able to provide patients on top of our already low prices. Over $34,000 in just over two months of

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