CBD for Holiday Anxiety

CBD for Holiday Anxiety

Have a Happy, Stress-Free Holiday with CBD Oil

Can CBD oil help to relieve some of the stress and anxiety that come with the holiday hustle? Scientific and anecdotal evidence that CBD products can help to relieve anxiety is mounting. Let’s talk about CBD for anxiety.

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The holidays are meant to be filled with joyous laughter, generosity of spirit, and selfless gift-giving. Sadly, for many, this glittery season also often comes with anxiety-inducing stress. 

This year, in particular, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the magical season brings new and frightening dimensions to holiday gatherings, in addition to the garden-variety, anxiety-producing scenarios. Uncertainties abound, amplifying the numerous “what ifs” surfacing constantly in an over-stressed mind. 

“What if I miss my flight?” “What if I pick up the virus on the plane?” “What if I give the virus to my Grandma?” “What if I don’t go home this year and this is Grandmas last Christmas?” 

These torturous thoughts can run rampant under this new pandemic paradigm. And for individuals suffering from chronic anxiety, the resulting stress can push their condition off the charts. 

CBD products may be a viable, safe, non-intoxicating remedy to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety disorders and bring more comfort and joy this holiday season.

Anxiety disorders are statistically the number one mental illness nationwide with millions of Americans suffering from some type of anxiety disorder. That is according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. And although anxiety is highly treatable, only 37% of individuals with this disorder seek and receive treatment.

How Does CBD Help Treat Anxiety

Studies on CBD and its apparent ability to reduce anxiety symptoms have recently garnered the attention of the mainstream medical community and media. However, the full scope of CBD’s benefits is still shrouded in mystery and scientists have yet to quantify the reason it appears to relieve anxiety. Research in lab mice has shown that CBD administration can, indeed, reduce anxiety. 

Many research scientists have concluded CBD acts through various channels and is known to increase the levels of serotonin in the body. Serotonin levels are often low in patients with anxiety. Dubbed “the bliss molecule”, serotonin induces a sense of well-being, relaxation, and safety. 

Additionally, preclinical evidence has shown how CBD interacts with certain cannabinoid receptors in the brain, although the evidence is still somewhat vague in explaining why and how this interaction occurs.

More information about cannabis and anxiety.

Is it legal to travel with CBD products within the U.S.?

When embarking on your holiday flight or drive, it’s probably a good idea to have a few options for CBD ingestion in your carry-on to ensure a calm, secure state of mind while traveling. Many CBD products are wonderful stocking-stuffers for your loved ones who are also stretched to their limits and need a little non-intoxicating herbal assistance. 

But is it legal to take CBD products across state lines or carry them on a plane? In fact, CBD products are 100 percent legal in nearly every state in the U.S. Anyone can buy CBD online or at their local CBD shop. And there is no law against taking CBD products onto a plane. That being said, it’s a good idea to remove labels or rebottle items with graphics such as hemp leaves. 

What are some ways to use CBD?

CBD oil is the perfect holiday gift for those busy bees on your shopping list. Why? Because one of CBD’s superpowers is its ability to relieve the stress and anxiety that often come with holiday planning and travel. 

CBD can be ingested in various forms – some delivery methods are more expedient than others, however, the potency and duration of the effects may vary from product to product. Here are a few options…

Smoking CBD Hemp Flower

Smoking hemp flower is a classic old-school method of ingestion. Rolling papers, hemp flower, minimal manual dexterity, and a lighter are the only things you will need. A pipe will also suffice. Smoking is probably the fastest way to get CBD into your system but it’s not recommended for those with respiratory or heart problems, as it carries the same potential heart-health risks as smoking cigarettes or regular marijuana.

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CBD Vape Pens

Vaping CBD-infused oils are the second most efficient way to ingest CBD. CBD vape cartridges come in many potencies, formulas, and sizes. Some are enticingly flavored (strawberry, pineapple, maple syrup, and cherry are just a few examples) and some unflavored cartridges are also available. Disposable CBD vape pens are also commonly available. 

Another possibility is a pen designed to vaporize dried CBD flower. One simply fills the chamber with ground flowers, switch on the vape pen, and voila – you are enjoying almost-instantaneous effects without harmful combustion, as the flower is not heated to the ignition point, only vaporized.

CBD oils, capsules, edibles, drinks, creams, and balms

CBD hemp extract can be consumed orally in a multitude of ways. There are so many great options available online, it’s easy to find something to suit everyone’s needs. The effects may vary in absorption and duration, depending on the method and product.

CBD oils can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) via a dropper. Most of the droppers come with easy-to-use measurements to ensure proper dosage. These drops enter the bloodstream quickly for fast relief of symptoms. 

CBD capsules are perfect for individuals who may not enjoy the taste of the straight extract. These capsules may take a little longer to have an effect, as the stomach must first digest the gel coating or break down the pill. 

CBD edibles come in many forms. Gummy bears are probably the most popular item in the edible department. Brownies, honey sticks, and chewing gum are just a few examples of the many CBD snacks available on the market. Edibles provide long-lasting effects but take up to an hour to kick in and provide relief, as they must also be fully digested in the stomach first. 

Beverages containing CBD are available in many formulas. Soda, water, shots, coffee, sparkling teas, and powdered mixes are just some of the options. CBD drinks still have to go through the stomach to take effect but are faster-acting than edibles.

CBD creams and balms are topical applications designed to be rubbed directly onto the skin for pain relief. However, the CBD does enter the bloodstream and help to relieve anxiety. Moreover, joint and muscle pain are known to significantly increase anxiety levels. 

All of the aforementioned CBD products are guaranteed to be either THC-free or contain less than 0.03% THC content.

This season will be a far cry from bygone days, as the pandemic drags on into the new year. CBD oil may offer a gentle reprieve from the relentless stress and pervasive bad news surrounding us as 2020 draws to an end. This natural, safe, and effective herbal remedy might just provide anxiety sufferers with a chill and relaxed, if not an entirely “Happy Holiday.”

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