by Niko Burton, WSBT 22 Reporter

CBD oil in high demand for some Indiana stores. // WSBT 22{ }


Some Indiana stores are seeing high demand for CBD oil.

This comes after Governor Eric Holcomb ordered them to get rid of the oil by the end of January.

Some store owners have it sold before it even hits the shelves.

People say this oil helps with many ailments. People say it helps with things like chronic pain or eating disorders.

Now that shops have a few weeks to comply with the law, people are stocking up.

At Glass Roots in Mishawaka, they have everything from artwork to glass pendants, but what they’re fresh out of is a product that won’t be there come January, CBD oils.

“We brought it back in early September. A small amount and that’s all we’ve ever carried is just a small inventory of it,” said Tom Vickers, owner of Glass Roots.

That small inventory was basically fresh out Tuesday.

Cannabidiol is a compound rich in cannabis, but doesn’t give users the high they’d get from smoking marijuana.

Vickers says his customers rely on the oil for many things.

“Basically the older generation has been coming in more and they’ll tell you a lot about what’s going on with them medically not that I understand a lot of, it but it sounds. Like most of it is related to pain, sleeping issues, anxiety, things like that,” said Vickers.

Even sale associates at the shop say the oil has made an impact in their lives.

“My girlfriend has rheumatoid arthritis. She actually uses the body butter which is a topical kind of supplement that you would use,” said Aaron

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