(Kathy Griffin/Twitter)

The votes for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been cast, and now celebrities are reacting to the results for president as Election Day winds down. See stars’ reaction tweets below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, millions of American headed to the polls on Tuesday to vote for president. With many of the polling locations now closing, results from various precincts are starting to come in. And a number of stars are commenting on the numbers in real-time. Kathy Griffin shared the photo at right, revealing, “Freaking out w Stoney! At our ‘election headquarters’ @sharonstone #electionnight #imwithher #women #vote #LGBTQ.”

Octavia Spencer confessed, “FREAKING out waiting on the polls to close. HOPING for many HAPPY returns for this day!!!!!!” When West Virginia came in for Trump, Patton Oswalt exclaimed, “OH COME ON VIRGINIA. DON’T DO THIS TO ME.” Offering some analysis, John Cusack told followers, “Trump needs insight straight–north carolina- florida -Ohio Pennsylvania he loses one he’s done.”

Dan Rather also predicted, “If Clinton wins Florida, this race will go faster than a Hamilton ticket at face value.” A nervous Mandy Moore urged, “Come on FL and NC!!” And Chrissy Teigen admitted, “I am trembling. Every time the results music comes on an there’s another projected winner, I think of Black Mirror/Hunger Games.”

“I hate suspense,” tweeted Mindy Kaling. Seth MacFarlane sarcastically asked, “How’s that Gary Johnson protest vote treating you right now?” Rashida Jones posted, “I’m so scared. How did we get here?” For James Corden, the night has stirred up “Brexit feelings.” Sarah Silverman pleaded, “Someone give me hope.” Kyle Richards also begged, “Dear God, please bless America.”

With the race tighter than expected, Khloe Kardashian said, “I guess either way you look at it, history will be made tonight. Spread love. Not hate!” Kat

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