The celebrity nude photo hack of Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods apparently was part of a bigger leak of naked pictures of pop singer Miley Cyrus, actress Kristen Stewart, and actress Katharine McPhee, perhaps among others, the New York Daily News reported.

The nude pics reportedly were posted on an emboldened website, Celeb Jihad, reportedly a celebrity gossip site operated by Islamic extremists.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Celeb Jihad posts both real and fake sexually graphic images and videos of celebrities without their consent.

Woods already has threatened to sue. A photo of him that leaked online apparently was on Vonn’s hacked phone – an image he shared while the two were dating up to May 2015.

Other celebrities reacted, as well.

McPhee has brought in lawyers, too, and like Woods has issued a warning letter to the website, TMZ reported.

Vonn also appeared to be taking legal action for what she called a “despicable invasion of privacy,” People magazine noted.

“It is an outrageous and despicable invasion of privacy for anyone to steal and illegally publish private intimate photos,” Vonn told People.

It’s still not clear how the hack of all the different devices on which the nude photos “lived” was accomplished

There was a similar leak of images in 2014, with actress Jennifer Lawrence being the biggest name, The Daily Beast said.

Lawrence described the leak as a “sex crime.”

Ryan Collins, a Pennsylvania man, was ultimately found responsible for the leak and sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

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