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Celebs Go To Pot By Creating Their Own Cannabis Brands

These days, it seems like every celebrity has a side hustle — a product or line of products meant to enhance their brand beyond their normal sources of income.

In the past, celebrities dabbled with food or clothing, but, in recent years, one hot sign of fame is having a personal brand of cannabis.


Mike Tyson, Martha Stewart and Bella Thorne are just a few of the celebrities promoting their own cannabis brands, and there are plenty of others who are attempting to create cannabis-connected businesses.

Heck, the celebs don’t even have to be living. The estates of Jerry Garcia and George Harrison have both licensed cannabis products and paraphernalia.

There’s even a delivery service in California called Camp Nova that specializes in the pot brands of celebrities and influencers.

Considering that 19 states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational weed, while medical marijuana is legal in 37 states and D.C., it’s a time of budding growth for celebrities wishing to get into the sativa space.


“If anything, it helps a celeb’s image to take part in an emerging industry with deep cultural ties,” Dan Wilson, editor of Visit Hollyweed, a news site about California cannabis, told HuffPost.

Wilson said that musicians

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