CEO & Director of Ascend Wellness Holdings Picks Up 47% More Stock – Simply Wall St

Investors who take an interest in Ascend Wellness Holdings, Inc. (CSE:AAWH.U) should definitely note that the CEO & Director, John Hartmann, recently paid US$1.25 per share to buy US$137k worth of the stock. That’s a very decent purchase to our minds and it grew their holding by a solid 47%.

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Ascend Wellness Holdings Insider Transactions Over The Last Year

Over the last year, we can see that the biggest insider sale was by the Co- Founder & Executive Chairman of The Board, Abner Kurtin, for US$195k worth of shares, at about US$1.17 per share. So it’s clear an insider wanted to take some cash off the table, even below the current price of US$1.29. We generally consider it a negative if insiders have been selling, especially if they did so below the current price, because it implies that they considered a lower price to be reasonable. Please do note, however, that sellers may have a variety of reasons for selling, so we don’t know for sure what they think of the stock price. This single sale was just 10% of Abner Kurtin’s stake. Abner Kurtin was the

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