CEO of Existing Danville Cannabis Dispensary Wants Reconsideration on “Consumption Lounge” Request – Vermilion County First

 ABOVE: Seven Point of Illinois cannabis dispensary CEO Brad Zerman during a previous appearance before the Danville City Council.

With Tuesday evening’s (June 18th) Danville City Council approval of bringing a third cannabis dispensary inside city limits, the CEO of one of the two already existing dispensaries says the fair thing to do now is reconsider something he requested early on that was turned down.

Brad Zerman was looking to have a consumption lounge included at Seven Point of Illinois.  He says now that the Council has approved Mariworks LLC’s plan to build a nuEra dispensary south of I-74 and Lynch Road, the city should consider giving him an assist to keep his operation competitive.  Zerman says Seven Point versus nuEra is a simple case of the independent operator battling big business to try and stay alive.  Therefore, the extra foot traffic a consumption lounge could bring to Seven Point’s location north of I-74 on the west side of Lynch would be a nice boost.  And with the Parkway Dispensary in Tilton already having a consumption lounge, Zerman says giving Danville an equalizer certainly makes sense.

AUDIO: The City of Danville needs a safe place for people to smoke

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