Even though paddleboarding has been around since ancient times, it is a relatively new and very popular sport today. Apparently, you don’t have to just paddle around either. I’ve seen paddleboarders racing, spearfishing, snorkeling, lobstering, wake surfing — even doing Yoga. I’ve done all kinds of paddleboarding, but I definitely enjoy the advantages of paddleboard fishing. Here are some reasons why:

Accessibility: You can Do paddleboard fishing in pretty much any body of water — lake, ocean, bay, river, pond. You also can get to places that are hard to access via boat (ie: mangroves, tall reeds, etc.)

The Height Advantage: It’s easier to cast your line standing up. Plus, the higher you are, the better you can see potholes, mud boils, grass beds, and fish moving around. Best thing: you can sneak right up on them or cast your line right at them. Sight casting is like fishing and hunting — it’s the best of both worlds. Bam!

Mobility: Paddleboards are easy to transport and load/unload. Just plop the board in the water and you’re good to go.

Exercise: With paddleboarding, I get a full-body workout and I get to catch fish — it’s a win-win!

What Kind of Paddleboard is Best

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