Congressman Charlie Crist isn’t likely to join the growing group of Democrats signing on to legislation to bring a single-payer health care system to America, nor is he prone to changing his mind regarding his opposition to the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement.

Those were a couple of revelations the St. Petersburg Democrat dropped during a town-hall meeting Friday at the St. Petersburg Florida Clearwater Arts Auditorium on Friday.

While some Republicans throughout the country and in Florida have eschewed such meetings this August because of the intense hostility they encountered at such forums earlier this year, Crist’s town halls have been almost like rallies for the Democratic anti-Trump base.

Friday’s event was in Northern Pinellas County, where the crowd appeared to be mostly liberal, over 50 and white (though there were a number of younger of Democratic Socialists of America members in the audience). They were unfailingly polite, applauding frequently to statements made by the congressman or by other audience members. Like a previous town hall earlier this year, Crist displayed his stamina, as the event lasted four hours.

Clearwater psychiatrist Mark Simko generated the loudest reaction of the day with this: “I believe our current president is the greatest danger to the safety and civility…” — the crowd started bursting into applause — “…that we’ve seen in some time. Every utterance, tweetwise or personally, shows evidence of emotion and intellectual instability…” before he was interrupted again by applause.

Simko paraphrased Tennessee’s GOP U.S. Sen. Bob Corker’s recent admission that Trump has not shown the “stability” or competence to be “successful,” and asked if Crist shared that same concern about his competence. (Trump responded in kind to Corker via Twitter on Friday.)

“I voiced that sentiment last year on Election Day, because of who I voted for,” said Crist, which meant he did

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