Charlie Crist releases new ad highlighting work for veterans

The Democratic incumbent for Florida’s 13th Congressional District, Charlie Crist, released his second campaign ad of the election season, boasting the work he’s done in Congress for veterans.

The 30-second commercial started airing Friday and features two generations of U.S. Marines narrating the Congressman’s efforts in Washington to advocate for policies and secure funding to assist veterans.

The ad starts with Crist walking down a neighborhood street with two veterans at his side. The ad then moves to the two veterans talking with each other about Crist’s work.

“We’re both marines,” Corporal John Makas starts in the ad.

“We served 50 years apart,” Sergeant Antonio Planzo says. The two go on comically about some things they disagree on, and then come together to say they agree on Crist.

“But we do agree on this: No one fights harder for vets than Charlie Crist,” Planzo says.

The veterans then go over Crist’s accomplishments, including his work to expand treatment for those suffering from PTSD, secure more than 2 million dollars in benefits and address abuse at the Bay Pines VA.

Most recently, Crist’s Veteran’s Treatment Courts Act was signed into law by President Donald Trump. The

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