“Help is on the way,” Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Chris King vowed to a cheering Florida teachers union convention in Orlando Friday afternoon.

Before what in many ways was a home court crowd – the Florida Education Association has long backed Democrats and has endorsed the ticket led by gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum – King only briefly laid out the Democrat’s education plan, specifically to increase spending in public schools, particularly on teachers’ salaries, and to reemphasize teachers and deemphasize testing.

Instead, as King stood in Friday for Gillum at the Florida Education Association’s Annual Delegate Assembly at the Rosen Centre hotel, he sought to connect Gillum’s story with their own, seeking to energize and inspire the teachers and other employees in public schools to turn out for the Democratic ticket. He spoke of how public school teachers made a difference for Gillum, and how he was preparing to finish that circle.

“If there is anything about Andrew and I, we believe in public education. We are committed to public education,” King said. “We believe the future of economy is woven with the strength and vitality of our public schools. And at our best we value

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