Chris Pratt Hits Harder Than Randy Couture, Says Jay Glazer

Chris Pratt Hits Harder Than Randy Couture … Says Jay Glazer


Jay Glazer gets hit a lot at his MMA gym — whether it’s UFC stars or big name actors, dude gets beat up all the freakin’ time … but who hits the HARDEST??


That’s right … Chris Pratt‘s got the power that’ll knock anybody out, so says the Unbreakable Gym owner … who tells TMZ Sports Pratt straight-up hits harder than the Natural.

“It sucks getting hit by Chris Pratt more than it sucks getting hit by Randy Couture.”


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FYI — Couture is one bad dude … he’s got a 19-11 record and has 7 knockouts under his belt. Oh, and was a 3-time UFC heavyweight champion!!!

So … does this mean CP will ditch Hollywood for the Octagon?? Not so fast … 

“He’s too busy being happily engaged and pretty.” 

BONUS — we also got an update on that tooth Demi Lovato knocked out of Glazer’s grill a couple weeks ago … and super glue really does fix everything!! (We sure hope he’s kidding).

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