Chris Sprowls recommends upping House members’ allotted bills to seven

Among the new rules House Speaker-Designate Chris Sprowls is proposing for the coming Legislative Session, the incoming Speaker wants representatives to be able to file an additional bill each.

Since 1998, House rules have allowed members to file up to six bills, but the Clearwater Republican wants lawmakers to be able to file seven bills, citing a growing “scope and complexity of the issues overseen by the State Legislature.” A memo sent to House members Monday proposed that change.

Rules regarding which bills count toward a representative’s limit would go unchanged.

Another suggestion would reduce the number of proposed committee bills by keeping 7000-level bills reserved for significant policy and necessary housekeeping.

“The House will not be accepting routing agency packages or lobbyist-promoted bills as proposed committee bills,” Sprowls told lawmakers.

Sprowls also wants to extend the deadline for lawmakers to file drafts to Jan. 19, 2021, for each members’ first two bills and Jan. 29, 2021, for the remaining bills. Under his plan, the final versions of the first two bills must be filed by Jan. 29, 2021.

But he noted the additional pressure a delayed deadline places on House bill drafters.

“Drafting a bill correctly is a highly complex

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