Chris Sprowls says Patrick Henry is using ‘double talk’ to hide from his defund the police pledge

Speaker-designate Chris Sprowls said a Democratic House candidate tried to employ doublespeak to evade his record on police funding.

Former Rep. Patrick Henry on Tuesday slammed Republican Party of Florida ads claiming he supported “defunding the police.” But Sprowls said the truth hurts.

“Our candidates are telling the voters the truth— that many of their democratic opponents have signed pledges to support legislation that defunds the police,” Sprowls said.

“I can understand why Democrat candidates would want to hide from that position or use words like ‘reinvestment’ or ‘reallocation’ but Floridians know that is just political double talk for a policy of defunding the police.”

Henry, who served with Sprowls in the House from 2016 to 2018, is running for his old House District 26 seat. He’s in a rematch against Republican Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff, who narrowly defeated him in 2018.

Republicans right now hold a 71-45 majority over Democrats in the House; four vacancies were most recently divided between the parties. The HD 26 race is viewed by Democrats as one of the best chances to reduce the GOP advantage in the chamber.

The battleground race plays out in a year when national police

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