Chubb choice costs bettors as Browns fail to cover

6:22 PM ET

Nick Chubb‘s 59-yard run all but closed out the Cleveland Browns10-7 win over the Houston Texans on Sunday. His decision to step out of bounds at the 1-yard line, instead of running into the end zone for a touchdown that would’ve covered the point spread, was painful for the betting public.

Chubb took a pitch on a third-and-3 with 1:07 to play, juked a defender and cut up the left sideline and into the clear. The Browns, who were favored by 4.5, were clinging to a 3-point lead. The Texans had no timeouts, so Chubb said the plan was for him to pick up the first down then give himself up, allowing the Browns to run out the remaining seconds by kneeling down.

At the Texans’ 1-yard line, with no defender close, Chubb took a sharp left turn and went out of bounds. The Browns kneeled down on the final two plays and sealed a 3-point victory for their sixth win of the season.

“I got a call from the coaches, from [quarterback] Baker [Mayfield] to not score, get a first down to end the game. So that’s what I did,” Chubb said after the

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