Chuck Todd special podcast explores the 2000 election and its relevance in a cataclysmic 2020

In the long, confusing hours after Election Day 2000, NBC political analyst Tim Russert held up his omnipresent whiteboard and opined that the presidential race would hinge on one factor: “Florida Florida Florida.”

Today, “Meet the Press” and host Chuck Todd are debuting the first episode of a five-part podcast about Florida’s historic role in the election Russert presciently predicted — although the 36-day imbroglio that followed would have stumped even the most saavy soothsayer.

Will the past be prelude 20 years later? With election security, voting irregularities, and mail-in voting all at issue this election season, “The Chuck ToddCast” series explores the lessons learned from Bush v. Gore and the Florida recount and its political relevance today. Over the course of the series, “Florida Florida Florida” explores 10 enduring political lessons from the 2000 recount that will play a role in the 2020 election, from the birth of conservative acts of civil disobedience, to the fight for the Supreme Court. 

“Twenty years ago, the presidential election ended in an unprecedented legal, political and public relations fight centered on the state of Florida. … It wasn’t exactly a moment of high confidence in the electoral process,” Todd says at the top of the

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