Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' Bachelorette Meet-Cute Proves Love at First Sight Is Real

During her confessional, the reality TV personality continues to light up when replaying the moment she met Dale.

“Coming into this I didn’t know if my man would be here or not, and when Dale stepped out of the limo it took my breath away…,” she gushes.

However, she reminds herself that many suitors are expected to compete for her heart.

“As I’m meeting these guys, I’m trying so hard to be present because the fact that these guys are here doing this for me has meant a lot to me,” she notes. “This is an opportunity that I do not take for granted.”

Earlier in the episode, the star echoed the same feelings, telling Chris, “It’s been quite a build-up for me and I’m just ready to do it. There’s bigger things in the world happening, but this is something that’s important to me and something I’ve been wanting for a long time.”

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