Columbia Care Dispensary Products Menu

The Columbia Care menu products are designed to meet the diverse needs of qualifying patients in Florida’s medical marijuana program.

To be eligible to buy medical marijuana products from Columbia Care’s menu, you will need a Florida Medcard. Find a local certified doctor or physician clinic here.

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Columbia Care Flower | Bud

GDP Flower

Yummy Flower

ACDC Flower

Chemdawg Flower

Therapy CBD

Chemdawg - Smalls

Master Kush

Master Kush - Smalls

Tangie N Cream

Mint Chip

Columbia Care Pineapple Express

3 Pack Master Kush Pre Rolls [.5g]

3 Pack Grandaddy Purple Pre Rolls [.5g] [1g]

3 Pack Mint Chip Pre Rolls [.5g] [1g]

3 Pack Tangie N Cream Pre Rolls [.5g]

5 Pack Mojito Pre Rolls [.5g]

5 Pack Grandaddy Purp Pre Rolls [.5g]

Columbia Care Concentrates

High THC Powder

Columbia Care Distillate Syringe

Rick Simpson Oil

Columbia Care – Shatter

Columbia Care Tinctures

ClaraCeed Tincture

TheraCeed Tincture

EleCeed Tincture

Columbia Care vape cartridges

ClaraCeed Vape Cartridge

TheraCeed Vape Cartridge

EleCeed Vape Cartridge

Capsules and Suppositories

ClaraCeed Capsules

TheraCeed Capsules

EleCeed Capsules

EleCeed Suppositories 1:1 CBD_THC [10 Pack]

TheraCeed Suppositories 1:20 CBD-THC [10 Pack]

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