Columbia Care Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Orlando, FL

10615 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32817

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat:
10am – 6pm
Closed Sundays

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site



Orlando – A Columbia Care dispensary located at 10615 E Colonial Dr, in Orlando, FL 32817 is open to service Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Oviedo and Orange county in general. 

Columbia Care is a premier provider of medical marijuana services and pharmaceutical-grade THC & CBD products to MedCard carrying patients in the State of Florida.

Only registered Florida MedCard patients are granted access to Columbia Care cannabis menu products. You will need to have a medical cannabis recommendation from a local certified doctor near Orlando.

Columbia Care Marijuana Deliveries RX – Coming Soon

All patients in Orange county, including Orlando, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, and Oviedo approved to use medical cannabis products are eligible to receive Columbia Care’s THC & CBD products. 

These are available via home delivery. Currently, Columbia Care cannabis products are available by marijuana deliveries RX. When active, a delivery fee may be charged.

Columbia Care

What People Are Saying

Laura Bolin
Laura B.
12:58 11 Jan 22
Outstanding service and great products! This is the dispensary to visit if you want quality and knowledge from the more
Ancient Malone
Ancient M.
22:13 18 Dec 21
The store looks different from the last time I visited. It was amazing. Thank you so much to Jade for helping find what needed. Awesome customer service and knowledge of products! Blueberry cookies is the best strain, it would cool have full gram cart in the future. Thank you again!read more
Jennifer Beals
Jennifer B.
14:09 08 Dec 21
This has been the only dispensary I’ve visited since getting my medical card: I haven’t felt the need to go anywhere else! From the first moment I ever walked in to the most recent time I went, the staff at this location is knowledgeable, helpful, professional and always seem happy to see you! With all the daily deals, I really get the best bang for my buck here. They have also been very informative about the recent changes, which has been awesome. I love this place!!!!read more
Kiley Rourke
Kiley R.
02:58 05 Nov 21
I would give a five star if they had Strawberry Milkshake and Green Tea carts stocked. I know I’m not the only one waiting for those ones to come back!read more
sydney lott
sydney L.
02:16 01 Oct 21
This place is awesome!! They have so much variety and the staff are all really nice and helpful. Alison especially was extremely helpful with answering all of my questions and making my first dispensary visit fun and easy!!read more
Kaley Kass
Kaley K.
14:25 25 May 21
This location is easily the best in East Orlando! Love the staff here, so friendly and resourceful! This location is also always stocked with concentrate and flower options, and has a drive thru!read more
Dan Merc
Dan M.
19:50 11 May 21
This is my favorite dispo. Correct pricing for flower (100 half oz) and it’s really high quality. Also, service is quick and friendly. The only time you spend more than 5 minutes in here is when you are talking to the employees. I love this place and will continue to shop more
Jade Caez
Jade C.
17:50 24 Apr 21
The best customer service, product, and deals! This is by far the best dispensary around! I am always pleased to have Dani greet me at the drive through, but the whole staff works equally great. Thank you!!!read more
david land
david L.
16:37 20 Apr 21
Excellent staff. The first time I went there was a few days ago and all I have to say is wow!!! The product is absolutely excellent. This is also close to my work which is convenient. Very good product and very nice atmosphere inside the more
Teresa Schendel
Teresa S.
04:15 09 Apr 21
I went here once for a deal about 6 months ago and I have been buying from here practically exclusively ever since! Not only is this the ONLY dispensary within range of me that offers a *student discount regularly* (making this essential medicine more afforable for me), but the staff go above and beyond to help. (Shoutout to Dani 🖤 and all of the women staff members who have assisted me so often these past few months!) They are always so helpful and caring at this location (Orlando). I have never had a bad experience, with neither the products nor the staff. I passionately recommend this dispensary to all of my medical-marijuana-licensed friends 🙌🏼💯read more
Jessica Wright
Jessica W.
18:37 11 Mar 21
One if my favorite dispensaries. They always have something I want in stock. Their employees are the sweetest and so incredibly helpful. Shout-out to Dani! She is always so cheerful and helps make me feel more comfortable. Thank you Columbia Care!!read more
Mantell Johnson
Mantell J.
23:54 10 Mar 21
Columbia Care Is Awesome And The Young Lady Who Took Care Of Me Today Is Awesome Too! Her Name Is Dani And She Is Always So Nice And Pleasant And Smiling. I Love People Like That! Columbia Care Give Dani A Raise Please She Deserves It! In The Orlando Location.😊😏😏😏😉😎read more
mick robles
mick R.
22:15 08 Mar 21
I was a little skeptical when I went in for the first time thinking what they would think of me but to my surprise they welcomed me with open arms and showed compassion for my condition.A huge thanks to Savanna for making me feel welcome and to Fabian for all his help.You guys are the best and have a customer for life. 👍read more
norma linden
norma L.
18:18 05 Mar 21
My very first experience with medical marijuana was beyond my expectations. The dispensary is very clean and spacious. Greeted by the security guard as he opened the door for me. The receptionist was friendly and made the registering process fast and easy. I was assigned to Gian, the Dispensary Technician, very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. He explained everything thoroughly; had to return two days later as I felt I needed some adjustment. Gian had the right solution and I’m pleased to say it’s working!!read more
Katrina Harvey
Katrina H.
04:00 26 Feb 21
Had a wonderful first-time visit to a Columbia Care. Jamal was delightful and informative; he went out of his way to make sure I got just what I needed. The whole team was so welcoming and helpful! Thanks for a great time; I will be back soon!read more
Andrew Smith
Andrew S.
15:41 01 Feb 21
Overall great service! Really been enjoying there recent promotions and products. One of my first dispensary choices
Josh Venie
Josh V.
17:30 14 Jan 21
I like the wood decor. Very friendly staff. It's a dispensary so everyone is happy! How could you not be?
Tim Walsh
Tim W.
21:23 29 Dec 20
Top tier employees that make you feel really welcome. Super helpful and the prices are very budget friendly. If you hate the impersonal DMV style of dispensaries like Trulieve, just come more
Richard Grey
Richard G.
14:09 21 Nov 20
Great new place. I'll be goin back.
Joey Canosa
Joey C.
19:39 15 Oct 20
Gian was awesome! The girl at the front desk (Kathleen? Katherine?) was super friendly as well. Gian was super knowledgeable and gave fantastic customer service. The store was clean and tidy and had a beautiful aesthetic. I haven’t tried the products yet but the experience in store was a 12/ more
Angela Sanchez
Angela S.
13:51 11 Oct 20
This was my first time going here I felt very welcome, They definitely knew what they were talking about and provide a great recommendation for pain such as mine. Mojito popcorn what a hit, it provided me with the relief that I need more
Chad Mangione
Chad M.
20:20 05 Oct 20
Gian my dude!Thank you so much for your help today and Thank you to CC for the welcoming atmosphere, clean amenities and following CDC protocol. Can’t wait to try the flower. Will Definitely be back soon!Wish I could have given a cash tip but they don’t allow it here so I guess a review will suffice!!EDIT 4:20PM 👨🏻‍🚀😎🔥Holy moly! What incredible products. ACDC flower, Chemdog prerolls, shatter, and they are all incredibly effective for their purpose.Thank you for your kind service today will definitely be back!!read more
bambi darcey
bambi D.
01:08 30 Sep 20
Great customer service and loved the pre rolls ! I thought the carts were way overpriced
Taylor Barkley
Taylor B.
14:45 29 Sep 20
NOT IMPRESSED by the quality of their flower AT ALL. I'm actually very disappointed, and if I could return it all, I would. The Grand Daddy Purp, is NOT GDP. The Tangie N Cream is terribly dry, and poorly trimmed. Literally all 4 strains I ordered suck. I feel like a few of them, are actually CBD labeled as THC Flower. None of the strains match their description. This was my first, and LAST time at this more
Ghost Rone
Ghost R.
12:09 28 Sep 20
Worst experience I've had at a dispensary. I decided to give them another try after the terrible flower from the first time (granddaddy purp). I order the pineapple express and as im sitting in the parking lot I open it and IMMEDIATELY I could tell this is the same as last time, no trichomes, smell is ehhhh, and its really dry. Honestly nowhere near the pineapple express that I'm used to neither was the gdp, I actually love this strains just not from this place, now I see why this is the place people avoid and why they recieved such bad reviews on other sites on there rosin/flower, cause they will just put out anything for a profit.. i called as soon as I opened to see if I could do an exchange and got met with an snarky manager who said they dont take flower back unless it has mold smh so im stuck with it. Im labeling this the worst dispensary I have been to so farread more
Zachary Anderson
Zachary A.
18:29 28 Aug 20
Really nice place with really nice environment and very friendly staff. First time there and got 3 pre rolls, all are ripped and un smokable, head to laundry mat to do laundry and wanted to relax after my house caught fire but now I can't. Come on guys this is sad. (UPDATE) Allison called me this morning and left me a very nice call back message, so I called back and im very glad I did. I'll be returning to go get my damaged products from them due to a new packaging technique they were trying. HIGHLY recommend this placeread more
Brian Byle
Brian B.
15:42 18 Aug 20
Great product and amazing staff. Looking forward to seeing them grow
Tiffany Bonilla
Tiffany B.
20:35 12 Aug 20
Had a great visit until one of the associates Geon retrieved my phone number from my account and texted my personal number asking how I liked the product. Creepy and more
20:38 17 Jul 20
Very welcoming , Answer all my questions , super friendly , I like it! First time
Jasmine Dooley
Jasmine D.
22:05 06 Jul 20
One of the best experiences I’ve had in a dispensary the staff made it so easy and quick for me to get in and out and me to get my product, will be more
Linda Coyle
Linda C.
13:32 02 Jul 20
Friendly, helpful, knowedgeable. Their prices are better than all the different Dispensaries in the area. Very more
Kelly Perkins
Kelly P.
19:17 20 Jun 20
By far the best dispensary in town. Great staff. Quality product. A functioning online ordering system (this shouldn't have to be a compliment, but based on other businesses around..) Quick response times and they even answer the phone when you call. A human does! For real!And then to top that all off, they have a drive thru.Really doesn't get much better than that. Keep up the great more
14:38 29 Apr 20
Amazing staff and great prices! They have been open via drive thru during these difficult times ensuring we are all able to get medicated!!! Thank you all so much!!read more
22:39 10 Apr 20
I've been to this Columbia Care nearly a dozen times now and they've consistently had amazingly quick and reliable service, good prices compared to other dispensaries, and flower that I'd easily place amongst the best in the state. I decided to come by again after spending 4 hours and a half tank of gas being sent between stores and getting different stories on my order at Trulieve. Here I placed an order online at 6:30, came to get it at 6:40, and left with my product in hand by 6:45. Trulieve, please take more
Emily Mendez-Montalvo
Emily M.
22:21 29 Feb 20
Emily Mendez-Montalvo
Emily M.
22:21 29 Feb 20
22:58 15 Feb 20
Great store; Great staff. Picked up some Pineapple Express during the buy 2 get one free happy hour deal u all had. Sprinkled a little THca on top and wow! What a delight! Great strain that goes perfect with just about anything i bet... Keep the good stuff coming team 🙂read more
Heather Buchanan
Heather B.
22:55 10 Feb 20
Great dispensary team and even better products. I picked up mint chip and it was amazing! Great quality products at a decent price. Will definitely be back!read more
ling ding
ling D.
22:46 31 Jan 20
Wonderful and friendly staff, the whole atmosphere is very comforting like every place should be when you need to pick up your medication.But most importantly is the medicine.I've only ever recieved amazingly potent medication every time that I've been.And with some excellent guidance by Julian I am definitely a happy customer and will be returning again 👍read more
Krystal Rhymes
Krystal R.
16:04 18 Jan 20
I’m so happy with this place. They have really nice flower here, with impeccable cure. The employees are all so nice and helpful. Thanks for the quality and more
Lisa Gonz
Lisa G.
06:49 14 Jan 20
This is where you can pick up quality medical flower. What makes this stand out for me is the first visit and first flower and it is exactly what I have been waiting for. Potent, flavorful, well cured good size nuggets. The fact I don’t need to medicate every 20 min because the dose actually works is amazing! Best flower in more
ricardo gonzalez
ricardo G.
18:36 02 Jan 20
Some of the best flowers I've found so far...Actually has flavor...Would definitely recommend.
Brehon Parker
Brehon P.
22:02 30 Dec 19
High quality flower and products. Julian and the new bud tender were awesome! He assisted her with teaching and taught me as a customer. I would definitely come back. Awesome service Julian and team. Keep it up Columbia Care!read more
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