Columbia Care Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in St Augustine, FL

160 King St
St Augustine, FL 32084

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat:
10am – 6pm
Closed Sundays

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site



St Augustine – Columbia Care is a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center now open at 160 King St in St Augustine, FL 32084 to service Ponte Vedra, Elkton, Hastings and St Johns county in general. 

Columbia Care is a premier provider of medical marijuana services and pharmaceutical-grade THC & CBD products to MedCard carrying patients in the State of Florida.

Only registered Florida MedCard patients are granted access to Columbia Care cannabis menu products. You will need to have a medical cannabis recommendation from a local certified doctor near St Augustine.

Columbia Care Marijuana Deliveries RX – Coming Soon

All patients in St Johns county, including St Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Elkton, and Hastings approved to use medical cannabis products are eligible to receive Columbia Care’s THC & CBD products. 

These are available via home delivery. Currently, Columbia Care cannabis products are available by marijuana deliveries RX. When active, a delivery fee may be charged.

Columbia Care

What People Are Saying

Radioactive Rage
Radioactive R.
06:56 28 Dec 21
Wonderful experience. Knowledgeable staff and quality product.
Amanda Rudolph
Amanda R.
16:44 09 Oct 21
Professional staff and great quality products.
kevin hudnall
kevin H.
14:15 18 Sep 21
They had a good selection of products and James was nice !!
Willis Buskirk
Willis B.
15:16 27 Jun 21
Good experience, knowledgable staff a lot of mix & match stuff out there. If u want to fly a plane u need to know how.
Tony Knight
Tony K.
11:58 27 Jun 21
Great place, though hardly have any sativa flower
23:47 20 Jun 21
I was supposed to leave a review a week or so ago, the customer service at this location is phenomenal. I believe I was checked out by Adam and the manager I forgot his name, but he was perfect. Very helpful and friendly. He was a King 🤴🏿 ill definitely be back and a regular as well. Thank you so more
Tristan W
Tristan W
18:07 19 Jun 21
I bought a cartridge yesterday that has an overwhelming chemical smell (like paint thinner.) I asked to exchange the unit for a non-defective one, but Columbia Care associate and manager said they are not willing to accept the exchange.Apparently the chemical smell is "normal." Be careful what you put into your more
Glenda Masters
Glenda M.
16:50 18 Jun 21
Went to st augustine location and got a half of master kush littles you touch it and it turns to dust worst ive ever got from there and i called and they would be happy to fix the problem if i bring it back thats good customer more
Clyde Nowlan
Clyde N.
11:46 15 Jun 21
Concentrates taste like knock off cough syrup flavors. Buds are full of seeds. Dab tabs are a complete joke. This was all in my first pickup order from Columbia Care, never more
Ivy Greene
Ivy G.
00:57 10 May 21
First time at this dispensary the staff was friendly and helpful and got what I needed 🙂
15:31 16 Apr 21
Weird vibe, imo. Good selection. So far what flower I have gotten does not smell good but is effective. The vapes irritate my sinuses but I'm a fan anyway. Declined texts but I get at least one every day from a new more
Brittany Bunde
Brittany B.
09:27 08 Apr 21
Best dispensary in St. Augustine I’ve been to! They have big screens with the menu, which is great cuz I’m a visual person, it’s very open and spacious , and the staff is welcoming ! Paul & Adam made me feel so comfortable for it being my first time there ! Great place , good inventory too!!read more
Brittany Lanzillotti
Brittany L.
18:16 03 Apr 21
Everyone here is awesome this is my all time favorite dispensary. There is never a wait and I always have fun while I'm there. Sorry trulieve 😬 but everything about this company and the people that work there make trulieve look like a beat trap houseread more
Seth Cotton
Seth C.
22:18 10 Mar 21
This is the BEST dispensary in the area!It looks pretty new and they basically set up shop in an old CVS store. It's got a very open floor plan inside which is a nice change from the claustrophobic inside/no parking outside type of dispensaries that you usually see. It even has a drive thru option like a CVS does!This place had a lot more variety in product compared to other dispensaries (like Trulieve) and they also didn't run out of product in several hours all the time.I'll be going here for a long time!read more
John Monteiro
John M.
21:48 04 Mar 21
Really cool. Went here and got some really great flower. First timers discount was 50 off 150 which really helped. Had never heard of this company before more
Zach Kuipers
Zach K.
23:24 02 Mar 21
Went through the drive thru and asked for a wedding cake cartridge but was given a blue dream cartridge which was weird because the blue dream one wasn’t even listed on there website and didn’t realize until I got home so rather then have to drive all the way back I decided to just go ahead and use this one. Not only was it the worst cartridge I ever tasted but it also just got me super lightheaded and didn’t have any pain relieving affects. This dispensary has consistently given me horrible product after Ive tried giving them the benefit of the doubt on multiple occasions. Thanks for the 48 dollars worth of pinene more
Eileen Reeger
Eileen R.
01:47 18 Feb 21
Cool place. Will go again. Way more flower and can buy bulk! Liked first visit a lot
21:20 13 Feb 21
Excellent service, never waited more than five minutes. The staff is friendly and makes you feel welcome. Compared to flower from other locations in town, their buds actually stick to your finger when pinched and doesn't just crumble apart like an old dry news paper. They are my go more
13:51 27 Jan 21
I walk in, they always have everything in stock, and I go straight to the teller to get what I need. If Ive been there 50 times, I might have waited once. And only for a couple of minutes.Product and prices are good, although their vapes are higher priced than the competition, and I could not see any reason why they would be. Their flower is great, with great prices that match the competitions. Great atmosphere as well.And lastly, AMAZING STAFF!!!! The people that work here are by far some of my favorite. They remember my name. They are friendly, nice, professional, and just (A) quality customer service.They also gave me a free Columbia Care facemask, which I love!read more
Bianca *
Bianca *
18:25 24 Jan 21
Love this dispensary the worker's are so friendly and kind.. and love the Drive Thru option!
Joy Brooks
Joy B.
17:19 24 Dec 20
Awesome service with a very short wait time. Will definitely be going back
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Who Let The Dogs O.
21:57 21 Dec 20
Drive thru is easy in and out of. Pre order and just drive up. Show card and pay then your on your way. They also have a wide range of productsread more
Anthony McCullough
Anthony M.
21:45 25 Nov 20
Limited flower options and availability. 15% discount for veterans instead of 20%. Nice and clean, never a line.
George Fenimore
George F.
21:10 23 Nov 20
Thank you! This is a well run business! Organized! I didn’t have the same experience at Trulieve.
Dwight Jones
Dwight J.
12:20 17 Nov 20
best customer service staff’s professionalism and location superbcannabis awful tangie and cream yard grass or something ol girl straightened it up Master Kush a1read more
Roseann Damato-McLaughlin
Roseann D.
17:54 14 Oct 20
This was my first visit at this location, the staff were super friendly and welcoming. I placed an order online and it was ready within 10 min if that long. It was in and out no wait no more
Dwight Jones
Dwight J.
16:13 14 Oct 20
best customer service staff’s professionalism and location superbcannabis awful tangie and cream yard grass or somethingread more
Dwight Jones
Dwight J.
22:19 05 Oct 20
A1 yoda cannabis products the best customer service staff’s professionalism and location superb
Jennifer Hammerling
Jennifer H.
23:08 03 Sep 20
I will never go anywhere else... the people here care about me. The people here know me by name and always make me feel welcome and special!! It’s always a great experience when I go here!!!!read more
Jeremy Siens
Jeremy S.
00:55 27 Aug 20
Super quick and friendly service!!
Jonathan Rome
Jonathan R.
23:16 23 Aug 20
Good offerings. Quick service. More reliable then the other one in town
00:30 22 Aug 20
The Pineapple Express was great. I had one good batch of Granddaddy Purp, but the second batch was bad. I thought I’d give them a try for a third time, because GDP is one of my favorites, but the third batch was unsmokable. Seriously, with companies out there to compare with like Grow Healthy (legit quality/consistency/hawt fyah), Columbia Care is awful. Do yourselves a favor and spend your duckets to support cannabis lovers who share their love with the quality of product they nurture and produce. Columbia Care is a busted cash grab more
christopher dent
christopher D.
18:51 31 Jul 20
Best dispensary in town! I've never had to wait AT ALL (compared to 30-45 mins each time at the other place in town) and the products have always been above average. The staff are all very friendly, and the store is spacious and well laid out. There are only two reasons I don't go here exclusively - 1) their stock is limited and sells out very quick, 2) they don't do concentrates (yet). Once they resolve these issues I think this will be the only place I get my more
Jeanne Wrann
Jeanne W.
22:50 13 Jul 20
Great place! 1st time going. Great staff. Great deals. I'll be going back. I might have hit wrong button for what they accept for paying. They have a few ways you can pay. Cash is just one of the options. 😷read more
paula colwell
paula C.
21:12 28 Jun 20
I am so pleased with the sevice and products I plan to let my husband buy me "flowers" for our 42nd Anniversary. Will be best flowers ever. See you later this more
Elise Jaudon
Elise J.
15:07 17 Jun 20
Awesome service, ZERO wait, and even my 'popcorn' size buds of Master Kush were beautiful, tight, tasty and POTENT!
Debra Wickberg
Debra W.
16:47 15 Jun 20
Just got off the phone with Michelle who was very nice and knowledgeable.! I can't wait to go down there and purchase some of their products!read more
Elizabeth Gordon
Elizabeth G.
21:15 18 Apr 20
I was excited to hear you were open I didn't know! Had an excellent first visit, and thru the drive up window . You can get a strain with high thc, very knowledgeable staff. The discounts were many... I saved 30%! Give them a try, I'm sure you'll agree .read more
Chris M
Chris M
18:17 17 Mar 20
Each time I have gone, I was the only one in the ENTIRE store (patient wise). Im shocked! Im literally in and out in like 5 minutes! I love it! The staff are very nice and the bud is FIRE. Loveeee some of that Mint Chip. Hopefully they got some of that GDP in tomorrow, gonna stop by!read more
Jon Dillon
Jon D.
20:31 11 Mar 20
Finally some great cannabis in Florida! I miss the West Coast ganja experience, and this is as close as it gets. And the prices are on point! Thanks Columbia Care! Erin’s your go-to budtender🤙🏼read more
Mick Hudson
Mick H.
01:59 20 Feb 20
Great to have a choice now instead of only one and the products are awesome....
Xavier Paiva
Xavier P.
19:37 07 Feb 20
First time Columbia Care patient & my expectations were blown out of the water. From how nice the staff is too simply the layout and how nice the place is. I will 100% be backread more
StAuggie Chick
StAuggie C.
18:41 05 Feb 20
Ok guys what can I say about our newest dispensary. Well as soon as I walked in I was greeted and given a very warm welcome ( which is needed as to not be overwhelmed by the massive size of this place) by 2 really nice women Robin and Francis. The store manager Michael was also friendly and available if I needed anything at all. When I went to the back Richie was ready and willing to help! I ended up trying out 2 different strains of flower and was given some really cool swag! Overall in store experience? Totally awesome 👍Now once I got home here's what I think, I tried the products and it's pretty good! I think mine were a little on the lower THC than I'm used to though. Unfortunately as of now their products are limited to flower, cartridges and CBD I believe. However I'm very interested to see what they have in store for us!read more
19:01 03 Feb 20
💥 Wow .💥.....I am recovering From Having CANCER They took care Of me when I was there It was a positive experience The flowers Is fire fire fire Lots of Crystals on the buds . People there They are laid-back And they are professional I just wish they had more Different kinds of Flower . They had this tangerine Cream Flower It was so good I wish I would’ve Bought all of it They said they had were coming in shipment soon It’s well worth it No BS. ......🔥 Get that fire🔥. ...... The other ddispensaries don’t have more
Richard Martin
Richard M.
16:27 23 Jan 20
Great Team!! Customer Service top Notch!
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