Comms pro Edie Ousley faces ‘second half’ on her own terms

Edie Ousley has spent the past 20-plus years using communications strategies to help “job creators” succeed in public affairs positions with the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Home Builders Association.

Today, Ousley announced she’s launching the “second half” of her career with the opening of her own firm, Yellow Finch Strategies.

“I’ve had the pleasure of influencing audiences with communication strategies that have helped entrepreneurs — job creators — to succeed,” she said. “And now I am literally jumping into the ring and have become my own entrepreneur.”

While launching a new business during a time of economic disruption brought on by the coronavirus might sound risky, Ousley said she believes when the upheaval is over, it will provide opportunities for businesses and nonprofits.

“2020 has been a year like no other. I believe Florida needs an army of professional communicators that have talent, instinct and original ideas doing their part to influence public policy so that we can rebound and re-imagine our economy,” she said. “There are an abundance of public policy issues that range the gamut from education to infrastructure, to trade, to quality of life, and every single one of those issues needs a great

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